Featured Speakers

We are thrilled to present our featured speakers for the second conference on Meaningful Living and Learning in a Digital World.

Jessica Brooks, Ph.D. -                                                       Mind-full or Mindful? The Art of Balancing Self-Care and Productivity

Aspects of mindfulness and positive psychology will be explored, specifically with regard to harnessing the power of technology in effective ways that foster both professional productivity and personal wellbeing. 

Dr. Brooks is a Licensed Psychologist and currently holds the position of Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at Georgia Southern University. Her research specialties are in the areas of addiction, mental health and wellness, and mindfulness practices. 

N. Jane McCandless, Ph.D. -                                             Technology as a Social Concept and Implications for Work, Life and Equity

How individuals interact, learn, work and define their lives are irreversibly affected by the permeation of technology. We will explore the broader sociological implications of digital overload as well as proactive and game-changing paradigms for work-life balance and equity in a university setting.

Dr. McCandless is a professor of Sociology and the Founding Dean of the College of Social Sciences at the University of West Georgia. Her research specialties include women's leadership, social inequality, and violence against women.


Closing Lunch Panel

Dr. Elke Leeds, Associate Vice President of Technology Enhanced Learning, Kennesaw State University

Dr. Thomas Tobin, ā€ˇCoordinator of Learning Technologies, Northeastern Illinois University

Ms. Ann Carroll - 500-Level Certified Yoga Teacher, and former corporate Vice-President

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