Call for Proposals

The Conference on Meaningful Living and Learning in a Digital World call for proposals for 45-minute presentations or 7-minute simple talks has not ended. 

You may submit topics for wait-list consideration through December 15, 2023.

Presentations should be related to one of the conference topics, and include provisions for meaningful interaction with the audience. 

General Conference Topics (for 45-minute presentations or 7-minute simple talks):

  • Reconciling Humanity and Technology in the Classroom
  • Humanistic Instructional Design
  • Work-Life-Learning Balance
  • Health & Wellness in the High-Tech Workplace
  • Minimalism and Simplicity
  • Coaching and Mentoring Distance Learners
  • Sustainable Technology Solutions
  • Social Equity and Educational Access
  • Learning Science

Types of Presentations:

  • 45-minute Interactive Presentation: Presenter will provide 15-20 minute presentation followed by discussion or interactive component
  • 7-minute Simple Talk: Presenter will deliver automatically timed slide-presentation of 21 slides (visual based not bullets), each lasting twenty seconds.

Submit your proposal (wait-list only).