2022 Speakers 

Special thanks to our keynote speaker for the fourth conference on Meaningful Living and Learning in a Digital World.

Keynote Speaker:  Dr. Richard Cleveland
Connecting Through Disconnecting

With each new advent of technology, it seems we are able to move faster and accomplish more. But what costs are associated with this faster pace? As more and more activities move from in-person to digital online interactions, are we being deprived core elements of what gives us meaning?

In this keynote address, Richard explores what he believes are necessary actions we must take to “unplug” and focus on living a life with meaning. In a world where working and interacting online is becoming less of an option and more of an expectation, how do we practice self-care to maintain the health and vitality of our mental and emotional wellness? As leaders, how do we craft online experiences to connect with our users in dynamic, creative, meaningful ways?

Dr. Richard E. Cleveland is an associate professor at Georgia Southern University where he serves as Program Director of the Counselor Education MEd program and Lead Mental Health/Resilience Researcher for the Tactical Athlete Initiative. His scholarship incorporates two primary strands: solitude, mindfulness & spirituality as protective/therapeutic interventions; and mindfulness-based tactical instruction for tactical athletes navigating high-stress/trauma.


Tuesday Lunch Panel

Overloaded and Overwhelmed: Mental Health of Online Students

Dr. Richard Cleveland, Georgia Southern University

Dr. Kelly Steed, University System of Georgia eCampus

Ms. Ann Carroll, 500-Level Certified Yoga Teacher, and former corporate Vice-President


Dr. Jason Huett, Dean of University System of Georgia eCampus