2023 Concurrent Sessions 

Monday, 10:00 am

Generating a Shift in the Traditional Online Course Climate 
Carrol Warren and Michelle Bartlett
North Carolina State University
Griffon Room A

Students' Perceptions of Safety on HBCU Campus in Wake of Tragedies 
Patrick Whitehead, Albany State University
Griffon Room B

Using the Enneagram to Improve Communication with Online Students 
Laura Baggett, Purdue University Global
Slate Room

Monday, 11:00 am

Practice Makes Progress: Lessons in Learning to Learn 
Aimee, Berger, University System of Georgia
Joseph Fernander, USG eCampus
Griffon Room A

Beyond the Shell: Humanistic Course Design to Increase Student Involvement 
Thomas Schneid, Eastern Kentucky University
Griffon Room B

Incorporating Nature Experiences Into the Online Classroom 
Christopher Foster and Clifford Blizard, University of Arizona Global 
Slate Room

Monday, 1:30 pm (7-minute Simple Talks in Griffon Room)

Canceling Cheating: Strategies for Minimizing Academic Dishonesty and Maximizing Authentic Learning Online 
Maria Gallardo-Williams and Diane Chapman, North Carolina State University

Supporting Student Writers, Or How I Learned to Love Video Feedback 
Duane Theobold, University of West Georgia

Best Practices for Coaching and Mentoring Gen Z Distance Learners in our Post-Pandemic Environment 
Leslie Ann Dunn, Georgia State University

If You're Mad at Your Students, Your Clutter May Be the Cause 
Laura Baggett, Perdue University Global

Lessons Learned and Lessons Missed
Brad Prince, University of West Georgia

How Online Interactions Can Strengthen Relationships 
Louise Fetcher, USG eCampus

Strategies That Work: Up Close and Personal with Digital Learners 
Erica Dillard, Stephen F. Austin State University

Tuesday, 8:00 am

The Northwestern IDS ePortfolio Project. A Humanistic Approach to Program Design 
David Noffs, Northwestern University
Griffon Room A

Will the Real Maslow Please Stand Up?! 
Elena Guy and Michelle Barlett, North Carolina State University
Griffon Room B

One Small Step to Lifelong Learning: Assessing the Impacts of an Environmental Footprint Reduction Project on Online Students 
Clifford Blizard, Universit of Arizona Global Campus
Slate Room

Tuesday, 9:00 am

Nervous System Regulation for the Working Academic 
Amanda Nash, University of North Georgia
Griffon Room A

A Brave Space for Students of Color in a Virtual Mentoring Environment 
Diane John, Frontier Nursing University
Griffon Room B

Mentorship for the Rank and Promotion Process 
Diana Meeks and Toni Hebda, Chamberlain University Slate Room

Tuesday, 10:00 am

Supplementing the Skill Set of a Large Body of Online Faculty with a Coaching & Mentoring Disposition 
Stefan Gunther, University of Maryland Global Campus
Griffon Room A

Finding Namaste: Bringing Some Zen to Zoom 
Abena Olugbala, Georgia Cyber Academy
Griffon Room B

Facilitating Student Engagement with Challenging Material: The Power of Literary Learning Circles 
Sean Camp, Utah State University
Slate Room

Tuesday, 11:00 am

Flipping the Script: Quiet Practices to Affirm Students 
Lisa McNeal and Jennifer Gray, Coastal College of Georgia
Griffon Room A

Keep up with the Joneses: Helping Adult Learners to Stay 
Glenn Marty Davis, University of West Georgia
Griffon Room B

ePortfolios for a Deeper, Richer, and More Authentic Educational Experience 
Dorea Hardy, Albany State University
Slate Room

Tuesday, 1:00 pm

Alan Watts: A Discussion on the Essence of Learning 
Richard La Fleur, University of West Georgia
Griffon Room A

Creating Academic Pathways for Workforce Development 
Sarah Kuck, Albany State University
Brett Miles, USG eCampus
Griffon Room B

Success at a Distance:  A Behind the Scenes Look at UT Martin’s Online Agricultural Programs 
Jessica Crews-Garcia and Rachna Tawari, University of Tennessee at Martin
Slate Room

Tuesday, 2:00 pm (7-minute Simple Talks in Griffon Room)

Re-Designing the Subject: Human Subject and Subject Knowledge
Angela Reid, USG eCampus

Targeted Outreach for Online Students 
Mary-Elizabeth Jones and Chelsea Duncan, USG eCampus

Where Teacher and Learner Flourish: Trauma-Informed Andragogy 
Christie Burton, Clayton State University

Supporting Self-Regulated Learning in an Online Educational Environment 
Aidana Zhumabekova, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Increasing Student Creative Problem-Solving Using Digital Visual Representation 
Gon Namkoong, Old Dominion University

Designing an Online Library Information Science Course Based on the Principles of Student-Centered Pedagogy 
Sarah Moukhliss, University of North Florida

Incorporating Video Game Education in the Classroom
Jacob Tubbs, University of West Georgia

Caring for Self 
Diana Meeks, Chamberlain University

Wednesday, 8:00 am

Merging Non-traditional Courses with Traditional University Faculty 
Betsey Gilbertson, Stanley Ross, Emily Cumbie, and Angela Wiley, Auburn University
Griffon Room A

Ugh! Not Another Research Paper! Implementing a Humanistic, Interdisciplinary Project Design 
Kate O'Hara, New York Institute of Technology
Griffon Room B

Successful Sustainability Starts with Us 
Crystal Neumann, American College of Education

Wednesday, 9:00 am

Coaching a Work/Life/Learning Balance 
Meghan Hammiller, Georgia State University
Griffon Room A

Life Balancing Self-Care Strategies for Educators: Toward a Mindful Practice of Trauma Stewardship 
Sean Camp, Utah State University
Griffon Room B

Empathy in the Online Classroom: Leveraging Compassion in a Post-Pandemic World 
Megan Roberts and Meggie Miller, University of West Georgia
Slate Room

Wednesday, 10:00 am

Staying Connected in a Digital Workspace 
Amy Lavender and Angelia Huggins, The Georgia WebMBA
Griffon A Room

Faculty Leaders: Getting to Equity in Policy and Classroom Practice 
Ursala Thomas and Keisha Brown, Georgia State University
Griffon B Room

Keep it Simple: Promote from Within 
Randy Blackmon and Ashley Reece, USG eCampus
Slate Room