2024 Concurrent Sessions

Monday, 10:00 am

Avoid Heavy Lifting: Minimizing Overwhelm and Maximizing Learning through Attention to Cognitive Load
Amanda Nash
University of North Georgia
Griffon Room A

Improving Student Assignment Submissions Using Free Online Resources
Marla Means
University of North Georgia
Griffon Room B

Finding Balance with Meditation Practices and Chair Yoga
Crystal Neumann
American College of Education
Slate Room

Monday, 11:00 am

Synergistic Magic: Fostering Collaborative Learning in an Online Asynchronous University Classroom
Clifford Blizard, University of Arizona Global Campus
Aron Keesbury, LearningMate
Griffon Room A

Strategic Empathy: Practical Ways to Foster Connection in the Digital Classroom
Christine Delatorre
Collin College
Griffon Room B

How to Cultivate a Learner-Centered Teacher Student Relationship in an Online Environment
Richard La Fleur
University of West Georgia
Slate Room

Monday, 1:30 pm (7-minute Simple Talks in Griffon Room)

Put Your Own Oxygen Mask on First: Modelling Self-Compassion in the Classroom
Nicole Alemanne, Lenese Colson, and Jamie Workman, Valdosta State University

Supporting Ukrainian Psychologists Self-care and Other-care Digitally
Laurie Ellis-Young and Nancy Chakrin, BreathLogic

Staying Healthy in Elon Musk's World
Steve Gerner, Wisconsin Cooperative Education Service Agency 6

Mindfulness Resources in the Academic Library
Rebecca Maynite & Beryl White-Bing, University of North Florida

Achieving Success as an Online Adult Learner: Balancing Education and Life Responsibilities 

Nicolle Coleman, USG eCampus

Tuesday, 8:00 am

Grounding Transformation in Listening: On the Simple Humanity of User Experience
Will Kerr and Victoria Patterson
Georgia State University
Griffon Room A

The Iceberg and the Ax: Managing Stress for Personal and Professional Success
Vantrel Mainor
Savannah State University
Griffon Room B

Tuesday, 9:00 am

"I didn't know that either!":  A humanistic approach to onboarding new faculty librarians using peer support
Deborah Williams and Sarah Moukhliss
University of North Florida
Griffon Room A

Connecting while Disconnected: Keeping Distance Learners Engaged
Chelsea Duncan and Mary-Elizabeth Jones
USG eCampus
Griffon Room B

The Zen of Course Revisions: Using LXD to Enhance Student Success
Melanie N. Clay
The University of North Georgia
Slate Room

Tuesday, 10:00 am

Unmasking the Imposter Phenomenon: Empowering Solutions to Reveal the Expert Underneath
Colleen Valdez
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Griffon Room A

Learning Happens through Family Interaction
Margaret Machara & Beatrice Harris
Tennessee State University
Griffon Room B

Building Community & Increasing Online Students’ Sense of Belonging in the ‘Zone’
Aimee Berger
University System of Georgia
Slate Room

Tuesday, 11:00 am

Designing Well-Being: Crafting a Balanced Path for Your Instructional Design Journey
Luvon Hudson
Griffon Room A

Embracing Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Janet Gubbins
USG eCampus
Griffon Room B

On-Ramp and Prep: USG FreeCampus
Sarah Kuck and Brett Miles
USG eCampus
Slate Room

Tuesday, 1:15 pm

Making eLearning Less eLonely: A guide for Online Faculty and Instructional Designers
Bethany Buck
Fort Valley State University
Griffon Room A

More Nervous System Regulation for the Working Academic
Amanda Nash
University of North Georgia
Griffon Room B

Unlock the Power of Wellness: A Journey to a Healthier You
Jacquelyn Cato
Instructional Connections
Slate Room

Tuesday, 2:15 pm (7-minute Simple Talks in Griffon Room)

Creative Strategies: Mentoring & Support For Distance Learners
Erica Dillard, Stephen F. Austin State University

Deliberate Diagnostics & Building Resources for Online Writers
Duane Theobald, University of West Georgia

Its not complicated, or technical - Its Support. Lifting your level of care.
Harriet Watkins & Jacquelyn Cato, Instructional Connections

Caring for You in a Virtual Workplace
Diana Meeks, Chamberlain University

The Soft Skill Advantage
Nancy Linden & Jane C. Nichols, Savannah State University

Wednesday, 8:00 am

Designed with Love: A Quality Assurance Process for Developing Learner-Centered Pathfinders
Sarah Moukhliss
University of North Florida
Griffon Room A

ePortfolios, Creativity, & Student Success
Mary McGinnis
College of Coastal Georgia
Griffon Room B

Wednesday, 9:00 am

Lessons Learned from an Inaugural Cohort of Doctor of Science of Information Technology Graduates
Valerie Mercer
Middle Georgia State University
Griffon Room A

Seeking Real Experiences: Virtual Lab Design for an Online University Environmental Science Class
Clifford Blizard & Marc Hnytka
University of Arizona Global Campus
Griffon Room B

Wednesday, 10:00 am

From Wellness To Well-Being: Strategies To Work Better Together Across Academic Roles
Sarah Hepler
Georgia State University
Griffon Room A

Striving for Balance & Simplicity in the Online Classroom, Fast-Paced Workplace, and Personal Life
Jennie Dodd
University of West Georgia
Griffon Room B