Archived 2020 Concurrent Sessions 
(2022 Sessions Coming in Fall 2021)

Monday, 10:00 am

Are We Asking the Wrong Question? Maybe People Don’t Want to Have it All
Kimberly Kinsey Mannahan, College of Coastal Georgia
Griffon Room A

Promoting a Culture of Self Care in a Virtual Community
Lisa Chappell, Diane Y. John, & Katheryn B. Arterberry, Frontier Nursing University
Griffon Room B

Celebrating Diversity to Promote Social Equity in Virtual Classrooms
Celine S. Hall, Purdue University Global
Slate Room

Monday, 11:00 am

Helping to Create the Mindful Student of the 21st Century
William Bryant, Augusta University
Griffon Room A

Self Care Strategies in the High Tech Workplace
Cynthia Brown, University of West Georgia
Griffon Room B

An Intro to FIRE (Financially Independent Retire Early)
Niccole Hyatt, Franklin University
Slate Room

Monday, 1:30 pm (7-minute Simple Talks in Griffon Room)

Strategies to Increase Self-Regulated Learning
Tracy Stuntz, Clovis Community College

Redress the Balance: Adding Life-long Learning to the Mix
Lisa Gill, Florida Institute of Technology

Knowledge Management & Artificial Intelligence: Be Effective and Scalable Without Losing Your Mind
Janet Gubbins, University of West Georgia

Care in the Classroom
Diana Meeks, Chamberlain University

Tips for Creating a More Introvert-Inclusive Classroom
Laura Lee Beasley, University of West Georgia

Beyond the Classroom: Using Technology to Improve Faculty and Student Connections
Celine Santiago Bass, Purdue University Global

Positive Communication: Creating a Culture of Engagement and Gratitude
Amy Austin, University System of Georgia eCampus

Tuesday, 8:00 am

The Role of Spiritual Practices in the Emotional Health of Online Faculty
John Johnson, Indiana Wesleyan University
Hannah Sanko, University of Colorado Global
Griffon Room A

Cultivating a Healthier Workplace through Creative Staff Development
Amanda Nash, University of North Georgia
Griffon Room B

Seatbelts Fastened? Creating Online Classrooms Conducive to Learning
Beth Rene Roepnack, USG eCampus
Slate Room

Tuesday, 9:00 am

So You Think You're Balanced?
Jackson Thor Blount & Kristy Gamble, USG eCampus
Griffon Room A

Using a Community of Inquiry Framework to Humanize the Online Learning Environment and Support Diverse Voices
Melissa Jones, Saint Leo University
Griffon Room B

Aesthetics of Meaningfulness: The Humane Face of Otherness in Cyborgs Micheal Crafton, University of West Georgia Slate Room

Tuesday, 10:00 am

Caring for Self While Serving Students: Trauma Stewardship for Educators
Sean Camp & Susan Egbert, Utah State University
Griffon Room A

How Hidden Agendas of a Work Place Bully Undermine the Process of Cultivating a Positive Work Climate
Bob Heaberlin, University of West Georgia Newnan
Griffon Room B

Increasing Success through Personalized Coaching for At-Risk Students in Online Courses
Brett Miles & Taylor Burton, USG eCampus
Slate Room

Tuesday, 11:00 am

Beyond Tickets and Comma Splices: Using Writing Center Coaching Techniques to Support Online Learners
Lisa McNeal & Jennifer Gray, College of Coastal Georgia
Griffon Room A

Join da' Club: Meditation, Movement, n’ Mindfulness
Crystal Neumann, American College of Education
Griffon Room B

High Impact Practices: Integrating Service Learning in Undergraduate Online Learning Courses
Sarah Kuck, University System of Georgia eCampus
Jon Sizemore, University System of Georgia
Slate Room

Tuesday, 1:00 pm

Being Open to Possibilities of Interconnection
Susan Dyess, Kennesaw State University
Griffon Room A

User Experience Strategies to Improve the Learner Experience
Maria Dahman, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Griffon Room B

70 Square Feet
Alyssa & Keith Blackmon, Nomads
Slate Room

Tuesday, 2:00 pm (7-minute Simple Talks in Griffon Room)

The Write Stuff: Online Mentoring for Improving Written Skills on Graduate/Professional School Applications
Andrea Nelson, University of West Florida

Humane Education and Technology: The Importance of Early Intervention for Conscience and Compassion Development
Heidi Lockwood, American Public University

Authentic Learning through Program Design
Stephanie James, Jacksonville University

Podcasting as Metacognitive Reflection
Mary McGinnis, College of Coastal Georgia

Required Reflection: Scheduling Time to Think
Nell Ruby, Agnes Scott College

Computers to Pencils-A Resource Room That Ensures Access for All Teacher Candidates
Erica Dillard, Stephen F. Austin State University

Wednesday, 8:00 am

Close Quarters: Meaningful Work in a Crowded Office
Marty Davis, University of West Georgia
Griffon Room A

Meaningful Learning: Informal Mentoring of a Doctoral Nursing Student During Capstone Project Completion in a Distance Learning Program
Charlotte Swint & Crystal White, Frontier Nursing University
Griffon Room B

Providing Effective Feedback for Distance Learners
Christopher Kennedy, Frontier Nursing University
Slate Room

Wednesday, 9:00 am

Meaningful Work: Reduce Stress, Add Purpose
Randy Blackmon & Mia Fanning, USG eCampus
Griffon Room A

Mentoring Distance Learners in an Online Environment
Richard LaFleur & Angela Kurle, University of West Georgia
Griffon Room B

Paradigm Shift in the Virtual World: Strategies for Providing Meaningful Connections with On-Line Learners
Megan Haralson, University of West Georgia
Slate Room

Wednesday, 10:00 am

Prudent Self-leadership for iGen Happiness in Life and Career
LauraAnn Migliore & Erik Bean, American Public University
Griffon A Room

Workflows in the 21st Century: Evernote, GTD, and Minimizing Distractions
Tyrone Ceasar, Queens University of Charlotte
Griffon B Room

We're Only Human After-all: Designing for Self-Directed Learning in Androgogy
Amy Neaves, North Carolina State University
Slate Room