Concurrent Sessions 

Monday, 10:00 am

Incorporating Mindfulness Exercises into the Online Classroom
Eric Muenks, University of the Rockies and University of Colorado Global Campus
Griffon Room A

Today's "Balancing" Act - Engaging Our Students Through the Integration of Work-Life-Learning Reflective Practices
Susan Hall Webb & Kellie McWhorter, University of West Georgia
Griffon Room B

Digital Identity Development in a Capstone Course at a Diverse Women’s College
Rachel Rossetti & Nicole Ackerman, Agnes Scott College
Slate Room

Monday, 11:00 am

Technopathology and the Mindfulness Movement: Lessons for Educators
Bart Everson, Xavier University of Louisiana
Griffon Room A

What "Convenience" Really Means: Understanding Distance Learners through their Motivation
Patrick Whitehead & Tyler Hughes, Albany State University
Griffon Room B

Artificial Intelligence as Humane Supplement  for College Students
Michael Crafton, University of West Georgia
Slate Room

Monday, 1:30 pm (7-minute Simple Talks in Griffon Room)

The Search For Balance - Taking Time For Self-Care
Diana Meeks, Chamberlain University

Best Practices for Coaching and Mentoring Distance Learners
Leslie Ann Dunn, Georgia State University - Perimeter College

Nurturing Human Needs Among the Emotional and Psychological Challenges of Online Teaching
Heidi Lockwood, American Public University System

Enhancing Personal Identity and Professional Formation in Critical Situations
Christie McCray, Duke University

Top Apps To Bring You Closer To Your Goals
Cyndi Hope, Bastyr University California

Professor or Coach? An instructor's role in the online classroom
Sherrie Lewis, Saint Leo University

Managing it All As a Working Mother
Xiaolin Hu, California State University, Bakersfield

Gatorade Showers
Cortney Denman, Northeastern University

Solving Climate Change Using Psychosocial Technologies
Suraj Sood, University of West Georgia

Tuesday, 8:00 am

Two Skeptics Adopt a Project Management App and Learn to Love It
Amanda Nash & Sheila Devaney, University of North Georgia
Griffon Room A

Creating Educational Opportunities for Incarcerated Youth
Brett Miles & Sarah Kuck, University System of Georgia eCampus
Griffon Room B

Positive Relationships at Work
Teresa Mason, Park University
Slate Room

Tuesday, 9:00 am

Creating Educational Equity through OERs and Open Degree Plans
Carolyn Stevenson, Purdue Global University
Griffon Room A

How Micro-Credentialing Can Help Busy Adult Learners Succeed
Marty Davis, University of West Georgia
Griffon Room B

Positive Solutions- Digital Storytelling for Social Awareness: Using Technology to Inspire
Susan Cardillo, University of Hartford
Slate Room

Tuesday, 10:00 am

Online Facilitation and the Human Touch
Nichole Vasser, The Babb Group
Griffon Room A

Coaching and Mentoring Distance Learners on a Path to Graduation
Angela Jean-Louis, Clark Atlanta University
Griffon Room B

Cards Against Complacency - a Party Game for Fatigued Faculty
Darcy Gosham &, Melissa Jones, Saint Leo University
Slate Room

Tuesday, 11:00 am

A New Spin on Quality: Improving Online Courses Through Coaching
Lisa McNeal & Jennifer Gray, College of Coastal Georgia
Griffon Room A

Creating Safe and Sacred Space via Tele-seminar and Webinar Platforms
Debra Lynne Katz & Lisa Watts, University of West Georgia
Griffon Room B

A Call to Action: Screen Time and Health
Randy Blackmon, University System of Georgia eCampus
Slate Room

Tuesday, 1:00 pm

Making Learning Fit: What Works for Working Students?
Jon Sizemore & Myk Garn, University System of Georgia
Griffon Room A

Promoting Mindfulness in the Virtual Workplace
Crystal Neumann, American College of Education
Slate Room

Tuesday, 2:00 pm

Doctoral Nursing Students and Graduates Lived Experience of a Virtual Mentoring Program
Susan Clement, South Georgia State University & Susan Welch, University of West Georgia
Griffon Room A

Living and Learning: A Balancing Act
Tasia Hilton-Betton, Saint Leo University
Griffon Room B

It Taketh a Village: Social Equity and Educational Access in Higher Ed
Adel Abunawass, Ana Stansescu, Alexandra Young, & Edwin Rudolph, University of West Georgia 
Slate Room

Wednesday, 8:00 am

Mentoring the Mentors
Rich Copeland, Georgia Department of Educatoin
Griffon Room A

Simplicity through On Teaching Online
Richard La Fleur & Angela Kurle, University of West Georgia
Griffon Room B

Aromatherapy and Meditation in the Workplace - Stress Solutions for Productivity
Deborah Brien, Quiet Light Transformational Living
Slate Room

Wednesday, 9:00 am

More Than Meets the Eye: Enhancing the Learning Experience Through Mentoring and Coaching
Harriet Watkins & Jacquelyn Cato, Instructional Connections, LLC
Griffon Room A

Self Knowledge
Cynthia Brown, University of West Georgia
Griffon Room B

Strategies for Staying Focused and Energized Throughout the Day
Cyndi Hope, Bastyr University California

Wednesday, 10:00 am

Behavior Change, Online and Off
Maria Dahman, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Griffon A

Live Well, Work Well: Level Up Through Work Wellness!
Mia Bennafield, University of West Georgia
Griffon B

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