Concurrent Sessions 

Monday, 10:00 am

Putting “Humanity” into HTML: Designing Beyond Engagement
Karah Hagins, University of Georgia
Griffon Room A

Coaching & Mentoring Distance Learners: The Importance of a Trusting and Collaborative Relationship Between Program Coach and Director
Annette L. Becker & Kayla Hernandez, Utica College
Griffon Room B

Galvanic Mobile Apps: The Gamification of Meditation and Mindset
Stephen McNeill & Emma Wertz, Kennesaw State University
Slate Room

Monday, 11:00 am

Good for Them, Good for You: Weaving Resiliency into Your Classroom
Teresa L. Mason, Park University
Griffon Room A

Teaching to Think Like a Clinician: Diagnosis Games
Amber Littlefield & Joanne Keefe, Frontier Nursing University
Griffon Room B

Make Time to Move!
Celine Santiago Bass & Nikki Williams, Kaplan University
Slate Room

Monday, 1:30 pm (7-minute Simple Talks in Griffon Room)

The Seesaw of Work Life Balance
Lacey Ricks, University of West Georgia

Five Intriguing Ideas to Facilitate Social Presence Online
Charlotte Jones-Roberts

I Can Do This! Best Practices for the Beginner Online Learner on Work/Life Balance
Leslie Ann Dunn, Georgia State University, Perimeter College

Finding Balance After Defeating the 3 Ds  - Death, Divorce, and Other Dramatic Events
Nikki Williams, Kaplan University

Analogical Thinking and Changes in Context
Kim Green, University of West Georgia

Digital Addiction and Counselor Training Programs
Julia Chibbaro, University of West Georgia

Coaching and Mentoring Online Doctoral Students, Stories from the Field
Shelly Wyatt, University of Central Florida

A Simple Way to Increase Learning and Decrease Point Grubbing
Joanne Keefe, Frontier Nursing University

Tuesday, 8:00 am

Who Wants to Be a Master Instructor?
Diana Meeks, Chamberlain University
Griffon Room A

Faculty as Coach as Mentor
Carolyn Stevenson, Kaplan University
Griffon Room B

Sit Less, Move More
Chrissy Knoll, University of West Georgia
Slate Room

Tuesday, 9:00 am

Good Fences: Creating Compassionate Policies for Online Courses
Bevin Clare & Camille Freeman, Maryland University of Integrative Health
Griffon Room A

Entangled Lives, Time Scarcity and the Equity Equation
Jon Sizemore & Myk Garn, University System of Georgia
Griffon Room B

Reclaiming the Real Self from a Virtual World
Pat Homer, East Georgia State College and Southeastern Nature & Forest Therapy
Slate Room

Tuesday, 10:00 am

From Frantic to Focused: Using Slow Design Principles to Improve Faculty Workshops
Lisa McNeal, College of Coastal Georgia
Griffon Room A

LEAP: Meaningful Living through Meaningful Education 
Micheal Crafton, University of West Georgia
Griffon Room B

Motivation and the Adult Leaner: A Look at Keller's ARCS Model
Marty Davis, University of West Georgia
Slate Room

Tuesday, 11:00 am

Mindful Wayfinding and Learning in a Digital World
Adel Abunawass, Alexandra Young & Edwin Rudolph, University of West Georgia
Griffon Room A

Technology, Politics and Social Equity
Janet Gubbins, University of West Georgia
Griffon Room B

Work-Life Balance in Students & Faculty with Chronic Health Issues
Suzanne Minarcine & Tania Parker, American Public University System
Slate Room

Tuesday, 1:00 pm

Care of the Human Spirit
Annette L. Becker, Utica College
Griffon Room A

Digital Balance in Online Degree Programs: A Case Study of eMajor Collaborative Degree Programs
Sarah Kuck & Brett Miles, USG eCampus
Griffon Room B

Great American Authors at A Hundred Miles Per Hour: Engaged Students Too Busy to Be Engaged
Jason Dew, Georgia State University
Slate Room

Tuesday, 2:00 pm

Creating Self-Directed Learners with Persuall
Lauren Barbeau & Laura Lowe Reefer, Georgia Southern University
Griffon Room A

How Hidden Agendas of a Work Place Bully Undermine the Process of Cultivating a Positive Work Climate
Robert Heaberlin & Debbie Malloy, University of West Georgia
Griffon Room B

Turning Off: Reducing Stress and Anxiety as an Online Educator
Camille Freeman & Bevin Clare, Maryland University of Integrative Health
Slate Room

Wednesday, 8:00 am

The Humanistic Approach to Physical Education Instruction Through Mobile Course Design
Deborah Ezell, Harford Community College
Griffon Room A

Change Your Online Aesthetic with Flipboard: Visually Appealing Professional and Personal Development
Lisa Shappee, Kansas State University Polytechnic
Slate Room

Wednesday, 9:00 am

Education for a Livable Digital World
David McCurry, University of South Carolina Upstate
Griffon Room A

Disability is Not Inability – Ubiquitous Computer with Assistive Technology
Megan Teague Tucker, University of West Georgia
Griffon Room B

Education Deserts
Dr. Randy Blackmon & Karen Lingrell
Slate Room

Wednesday, 10:00 am

The Educational Equity Equation for Our City Schools
Steven Gerner, Concordia University Wisconsin
Griffon Room A

Overcoming Obstacles to Online Course Completion
Nichole Vasser, University of Illinois at Chicago
Griffon Room B

Mindfulness Meditation and Essential Oils
Deborah Brien, Kaplan University
Slate Room

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